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Toliman’s Coracle

Impressed and inspired by this, I have decided to start writing a new story. And this time, I will publish as I go. Perhaps your comments will help me shape it.

Toliman’s Coracle

Chapter 1 – An awaited announcement

The RSDV stopped a few meters away from the main entrance of the tower-block. The road-keepers rapidly scanned the area in a v-formation, then dispersed in the sky abruptly with one fast, silent and simultaneous vertical ascension.

“Going home Mr. Rigil? I hope you are going to have a great night, and I’ll see you next week I guess!”. Mr. Rigil was immersed in his thoughts, and he barely heard the voice addressing him. “Yeah, yeah I guess I’ll go now” mumbled quickly. He reached the RSDV a handful of minutes later. The Robotic Self Driven Vehicle already set up with his living-unit coordinates, a soothing female voice greeted “Good evening Mr. Rigil. Delighted to take you home tonight.”. The lights of the loglos and office tower-blocks passed by the car window rapidly, then soon the smaller, much shorter living units of Lion’s Hills made their appearance. “Approaching parking slot 32A, identified as free” – the internal speaker loudly announced, and continued – “last drone scan reported 2 minutes ago”. The breaks produced a piercing sound, the vehicle stopped, and the robotic voice went on again: “your payment has been taken, goodbye Mr. Rigil. Ongoing drone scans in this area, traffic status on urban road 121 marked green, leaving the parking slot”. Mr. Rigil wasn’t really sure if it was talking to him, or rather to its fellow robotic vehicles. He entered his living-unit, started the cooker, and looked out at the setting sun. The sky was tinted rubin, our familiar star slowly disappearing beyond the horizon. The shiny, narrow black wings of the road-keepers swifted by his window as they continued their scan patiently. “Tomorrow” – Mr. Rigil said out loud – “tomorrow is the day the fleet shall arrive”.


[ be continued..]


Here we go

Hi everyone. My name is Angelo, I am a million things, among which a former Google employee who has now launched his own entrepreneurial adventure(s). I love design, man/machine interaction, programming, writing and storytelling, technology in general, education, cinema, music. And a lot of other things.

This is the space where I will post fun stuff and write whatever crosses my mind, perhaps it will be interesting to some. Here we go.

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